East Canton has been coined as a “Small Town with a Big Heart,” and in times of adversity, our community has always demonstrated its strength through solidarity and compassion. We are hopeful our small community will come together once again to offer unwavering support to Megan and Cliff Varian and their four children Foster, Frankie, Finley, and Fox. The Varian family’s youngest child, Fox, has recently been diagnosed with severe aplastic anemia, a blood disorder that suppresses his platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells. The Varian’s have been facing one of the most challenging trials a family can endure as they’ve watched Fox go through eight weeks of testing and hospitalizations, receiving numerous blood transfusions just to keep his blood counts within a healthy range. This relentless journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions for them, filled with fear and hope, exhaustion and determination. Despite the complex diagnosis, there is a beacon of hope for Fox’s recovery. The best option is a bone marrow transplant, a procedure scheduled for October. The family is so grateful Fox’s big sister, Frankie, was a perfect match and will serve as the donor. The transplant promises the best chance for a cure, and Fox’s medical team is confident he will make a full recovery. Even still, the path to recovery is long and requires Fox to remain in the hospital for several weeks after the transplant, closely monitored to ensure his body accepts the new marrow and that his blood counts steadily rise. During this time, Megan will remain in the hospital with Fox while Cliff holds down the fort at home and provides as much stability as possible for Foster, Frankie, and Finley. So, how can we, as a community, help the Varian family during this trying time? It’s simple – by extending our support through a nightly meal train. By providing a meal each evening, we can help ease a significant burden on the family. This act of kindness will ensure that the Varians have one less thing to worry about as they focus on Fox’s recovery. Here’s how you can get involved: 1. Sign up for Meal Delivery: We have organized a meal schedule for the Varian family, and we need your help to fill it. Sign up for a specific date to provide dinner for the family. Home-cooked meals, to-go orders from restaurants (and even Door Dash), or gift cards for dinner are all welcomed and appreciated! Your contribution, whether large or small, will make a meaningful difference. Click the teal “Calendar” button and scroll right to see available dates ranging from October 2nd through December 8th. 2. Spread the Word: Share this message with friends, neighbors, and fellow community members. The more people who participate, the more support we can offer the Varians. Click the teal “Share” button to help spread the word. 3. Donations: If cooking isn’t your thing or if you’re unable to contribute in that way, consider making a monetary donation. Every dollar counts and will go toward supporting the family’s needs during this challenging time. Click on the green “Care Card” button to start giving. 4. Encouragement and Prayers: Sometimes a kind word or a heartfelt note can make all the difference. Send your messages of encouragement and prayers to the Varian family, letting them know they are not alone in this journey. Click on the blue “Messages” button to send a direct message to the family.


The Varian family is very easygoing and loves almost all food categories (except perhaps Asian food). Top requests are Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, Mission BBQ, Grinders, Texas Roadhouse, Subway, Expressos, and Bubbas. They also love pasta, chicken, macaroni and cheese, and salads. **If you sign up for food delivery, please place food in the tote by the side entrance. The family wants to eliminate exposure to germs as much as possible.**