Electric Aggregation

The township’s consultant, Aspen Energy, who manages our Aggregation Program, has been monitoring the energy market to “strike” a favorable renewal electric rate for Osnaburg Township residents. On August 11th, we secured the rate of $.0795 per kWh for 48 months through supplier Energy Harbor starting in December 2022.

Opt-out notices are projected to be sent out in late October. Eligible participants that have not chosen a supplier and were already on Osnaburg Township’s past electric Aggregation will Not Need to take any action to stay in the program, or you may opt-out at no fee.

• The circumstances that led to this situation began over a year ago, with the severe cold snap that hit Texas; in addition, current world events along with increasing energy generation and transmission costs have only exacerbated the situation. It is projected that utility rates will go up significantly over the next year.

Osnaburg Trustees know and understand the value this program provides for our residents. We believe we have struck a deal that will benefit Osnaburg Township residents and allow them to save money on their household electric service. Feel free to call or email us questions regarding Osnaburg Township’s Electric Aggregation.

Make Your Selection Today

If you are interested in joining the Osnaburg Township Electric Aggregation Program, please select the button below to email your choice directly to our Aggregation Specialist.