Cemetery Usage & Lot Purchases

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We offer the ability to residents and nonresidents for prepayment of opening and closing of grave(s). This prepayment locks in the price and protects you from future rate increases. Please contact the Cemetery Sexton for details.

Cemetery Rate Chart

Service TypeTwp. Resident(s)Non-Resident
Two Grave Burial Lot$550$1,500
One Cremation Lot$350$1,100
Deed Transfer on Burial Lot$20$970
Opening Closing Burial Grave$800$800
Opening Closing Cremation$500$500
Opening Closing Infant$200$200
Opening Closing Oversize Grave$950$950
Disinterment or Re-Interment$2,300$2,300

Service TypeTwp.Resident(s)
Two Grave Burial Lot$550
One Cremation Lot$350
Deed Transfer on Burial Lot$20
Opening Closing Burial Grave$800
Opening Closing Cremation$500
Opening Closing Infant$200
Opening Closing Oversize Grave$950
Disinterment or Re-Interment$2,300
Service TypeNon-Resident(s)
Two Grave Burial Lot$1,500
One Cremation Lot$1,100
Deed Transfer on Burial Lot$970
Opening Closing Burial Grave$800
Opening Closing Cremation$500
Opening Closing Infant$200
Opening Closing Oversize Grave$950
Disinterment or Re-Interment$2,300

Township Maintained Cemetery's

Mapleton Cemetery

"Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery"

3635 Lotz Ave SE.

East Canton, Ohio 44730


Indian Run Cemetery

"Indian Run Christian Church Cemetery"

7455 Hill Church St SE.

East Canton Ohio 44730


Union Cemetery East Canton

"St. Paul Church Cemetery"

306 W. Church St.

East Canton, Ohio 44730


Kountze Memorial Cemetery

Walnut Street

East Canton, Ohio 44730


Wildwood Cemetery

"Salem United Church of Christ Church Cemetery"

5384 Hein Ave. SE.

East Canton, Ohio 44730


Glen Cemetery

4347 Ravenna Ave.SE.

East Canton, Ohio 44730


Brenizer Cemetery

S17, ¾ Mile South of Village of East Canton on Wood Street

East Canton, Ohio 44730


Please Note: The Cemetery Address Listed are for GPS Usage Only Cemetery’s Do Not Have Offices and Do Not Receive Mail. Forward All Correspondences to the Osnaburg Township Office located at 7115 Hillvale St., East Canton, Ohio 44730


Township Cemetery Regulations

  • No person may discharge any firearm or have possession of any firearm within the cemetery grounds at any time except for use during military services, Memorial Day or Veteran Day observations, or use by law enforcement personnel.
  • No person shall wrongfully take, remove, or convert to his own use any property within the cemetery without the owners consent or make any excavation therein without first obtaining the consent of the cemetery sexton.
  • No person may wrongfully obstruct or blockade any driveway or pathway within the cemetery or wrongfully damage or destroy any property within the cemetery.
  • No person may drive any motor vehicle at a speed in excess of five miles per hour within the cemetery and such vehicles must confine their travel to established roadways except where the cemetery sexton expressly authorized such travel elsewhere.
  • No person shall disturb the dignity, peace, and quiet of the cemetery by the use of excessive noise or boisterous and unruly conduct within the limits of the cemetery.
  • No person shall enter or leave the cemetery except through established gateways provided for such purpose. No person may allow any animal to run at large in the cemetery.
  • No person may loiter at any time, nor be in the cemetery without permission of the cemetery sexton at any time between the hours of sunset and 6:00 a.m.
  • No person may use the cemetery grounds or any road therein as a public thoroughfare nor drive any vehicle in or upon the cemetery grounds except for legitimate purposes relating to the ordinary and customary use of the cemetery.
  • Concrete or steel vaults of a design approved by the township trustees are required for all burials other than cremations.
  • No trees or vines may be planted, nor may fences be erected. The Township reserves the right to remove any tree, shrub, vine, plant or flower which may become unsightly, dangerous or not in keeping with the landscape design of the cemetery.
  • All monuments and markers shall be set true to line and grade. The lot owner is responsible for any failure to abide by this regulation and shall pay for any charges or damages.