January 14,2019

Road Superintendent Unkefer asked if Trustees could help on notifying Township residents not to park on or along the road edge which causes problems with the snow plow needing to plow and causing the snow plow truck to swerve to the opposite edge of roadway which caused the recent damage to the Road Truck mirror. Discussion followed with the following action taken.

Mr. Vincent moved, which was seconded by Mr. Pero, to post on the Townships Website and to request the Local Newspaper that parking on township Roadway, could lead to towing of vehicle during snow or freezing rain storms. The motion carried.

January 28 ,2019

Mr. Vincent moved, which was seconded by Mrs. Griffith, to amend Resolution #19-79 to include Pursuant to the specific authority of ORC 505.17(B)(2) that Osnaburg Township Road Superintendent can announce in a press release snow emergency has been declared when the natural accumulation of snowfall is 2inches or greater and No Parking Ban is in effect for all Township Roads with additional things like basketball hoops, equipment, ATV, along with any vehicles. The motion carried.
Roll call vote: Vincent – Yes Griffith – Yes Pero – Yes


“CLICK HERE” NO PARKING BAN WARNING                                                                                




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