Fire Department


When you call 9-1-1 from within Osnaburg Township your call will be answered by Stark County dispatch. The 9-1-1 system automatically prints the address and telephone number from where you are calling onto the dispatcher screen. However, if you are on a mobile or internet phone you may be required to provide your location for quicker response. Please follow all instructions of the 9-1-1 operator. The dispatcher will answer your call by saying: "9-1-1" What is your emergency? State the problem or emergency first and then give the location of the incident. The dispatcher will immediately dispatch the appropriate agency(s) whether Osnaburg Township Fire Department, Emergency Medical Services (EMS), East Canton Police Department, Ohio Highway Patrol or Stark County Sheriff’s Department while obtaining any additional information. If it is safe to do so, stay on the phone until the dispatcher is finished determining the nature of your emergency and until you are told to hang up. Remember to speak slowly and clearly so the dispatcher can get the correct information.

Plan, Practice & Designate Fire Escape Routes & Meeting Locations

Fire & Law Enforcement

Non-Emergency Contact
Fire and emergency medical services for Osnaburg Township are provided by the Osnaburg Township Fire Department.  The Fire Dept. and EMS units are dispatched from the township Fire Station #1 located at:

110 West Church Street
East Canton, Ohio 44730

Fire Chief Rick Shearer
Tel: 330-488-1547

Assistant Fire Chief Amy Parker
Tel: 330-488-1547

Ohio State Highway Patrol
Tel: 330-433-6200

Stark Co. Sheriff's Office
Tel: 330-430-3800

East Canton Police Department
Tel: 330-488-9435

Helping Makes A Difference

The Fire department provides service to the entire Osnaburg Township including the Village of East Canton. Staffing: Since October of 2011 the fire department is staffed 24/7 by an ALS unit consisting of members who are also trained firefighters. Additional personnel responds to emergencies as needed.  For more information on becoming a firefighter please contact the township fire department or township office or simply click here for the contact form.

A Timely Reminder

A good time to remember to check your smoke alarm and change the batteries is when you change your clocks twice a year as daylight savings time begins and ends. Prepare and practice an escape plan! Crawl low under smoke. Plan where to meet outside. Once you’re out, Stay out! Remember, almost every day a smoke alarm saves somebody’s life.