A Message from Our Fire Chief

Camp fires are a wonderful family event. However, please follow these simple tips to keep you, your family and community safe. Make sure the fire pit is of an appropriate size and of good quality before building your fire. Consider reinforcing pre-made metal pits by piling up dirt or rock to keep the fire housed safely and burning properly.

•NEVER burn glass, aluminum cans, or any kind of pressurized aerosol. These objects won't burn and will be extraordinarily dangerous when they heat up.

•Allow the fire to burn down before extinguishing it. The best way to ensure that your fire is safe to put out is to start letting it burn down and smolder long before you start dumping water onto it. If you're ready to call it a night, spread the embers out as thinly as possible and then stop stirring the fire, letting it slowly die down.

•Wait until you see lots of ash accumulating where the embers were and wait for the glow to die down. Hold your hand over the fire and keep track of the heat coming off it.

•Pour lots of water onto the embers. Pour water slowly, holding your bucket close to the embers. (Use dirt or sand as an alternative for water) Don't throw it or dump it, which can create sudden billowing smoke and ash that can be dangerous. Aim for the embers, glowing or otherwise, pouring gently, and continue pouring your water onto the fire until the hissing sound stops entirely. Then pour a little more around just to be safe. Stir it around gently with a fire-stick or shovel to make sure it’s out.

•Make sure everything is cold before leaving it. The embers ash and logs should be cold enough to touch before you abandon it entirely. No smoke should be coming from the fire and you should be able to detect no heat. Let it sit and check it after a few minutes to be sure.

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