2016 Trustee President Letter

Richard A. Pero

I would like to take a moment to reflect on our rich township history, we have come a long way in the last 207 years, from the first elections held at William Nailor's home to the fast paced lives we live in the 21st. Century. Some of the things I am proudest of about Osnaburg Township is our unwavering patriotism and our strong commitment to family values. Our township has lost many heroes’ throughout numerous wars and we proudly raise our flags every day in tribute to those that have fallen and those that continue to serve. Like any community we have had a few growing pains, however, when a time of need arises our community pulls up its selves and still helps its neighbors. In the not so distant past together we have built a new school for our children and grandchildren so they may gain the most from their education. We have improved and continue to look for new ways to improve the lives and safety of our residents. We have implemented new funding policies for our cemeteries and reward those who continue to call our township home. I am so proud to call Osnaburg Township my home. As a trustee and President of the board I shall continue to encourage my fellow trustees to look for new and innovative ways to raise monies from outside sources such as federal and state project funding and other grant source. Every department in our township has felt some financial pains but continue to push forward, steadfast in their goals and determined to make each dollar count and provide the best possible services to our community. On a more personal note I want to personally thank each of my fellow trustees, fiscal officer and members of township staff for their hard work and dedication. I have set my goals as township trustee President for the following year as follows:

• I would like to see more of our roadways resurfaced and repaired.

• Insure all signage is replaced under previously secured outside funding.

• Openly discuss the changes the Electricity Aggregation Program has had on our community.

• Continue to encourage cooperation in the Joint Community Plan.

• I would like to set up a panel of community representatives who may meet and report directly to the Trustees on ways in which our community can generate local jobs for our citizens.

• I want to encourage our citizens to become more active in their government.

• Continue to educate citizens about our needs to recycle and protect our environment for our children and all those to follow in our footsteps and actively promote our township recycling program.

I truly, believe Osnaburg Township is the hidden jewel of Stark Co and the State of Ohio and this year were going to shine.

Richard A. Pero
2016 Osnaburg Township Board President